21 June

Local time (MSK)


Showing of mini-films at Planetarium No. 1 entertainment center in the region presentation area.


A videoconference with Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny DITRIKH on transit services in the 2018 FIFA host cities, which will connect him with the host cities' City Press Centers.

The briefing will be held in Moscow's City Press Center at the Column Hall of the House of Unions at 1 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

For the sake of convenience and because of limited time allocated for the videoconference, please send your questions to media@footballcitymediacenter.ru, adding "Questions for Yevgeny Ditrikh" in the subject line.


Press conference on the Scarlet Sails Festival of St. Petersburg schools graduates that will be held on Dvortsovaya Embankment on June 23. Admission to the festival is free.
— Vladimir KIRILLOV, St. Petersburg Deputy Governor;
— Sergei SEREZLEYEV, Chair, Committee for Press and Mass Media Cooperation;
— Zhanna VOROBYOVA, Chair, Committee for Education;
— Renata ABDULINA, Chair, Committee for Youth Policy and Cooperation with Public Organizations;
— Andrei OLEINIK, Executive Director, Petersburg — Channel 5;
— Olga BAIBURTSKAYA, Head, Alexander Grin House Museum in Stary Krym, Crimea.


Entertainers wearing Peter I and Catherine II costumes working in the region presentation area.


Press conference on the FIFA Fan Fest in St. Petersburg.

— Pavel BELOV, Chairman of the Committee for Physical Fitness and Sport;
— Billy NOVICK composer and musician.
— Nizami MAMISHEV, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Youth Policy and Cooperation with Public Organizations;
— Valery BELOTSERKOVSKY, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Law, Order and Security;


Guided tour to the Faberge Museum for media representatives. There are over 4,000 exhibits on display.

Gathering at 16:55 on the museum front staircase (21 Fontanka River Embankment, Shuvalov Palace). It is necessary to present the city press center badge.

Throughout the day

City Sightseeing water tour: Main landmarks of the grand Neva. Participants can use an audio guide in Russian, English and Spanish. The boat departs every hour between 11:00 and 19:00, at 2 Admiralteiskaya Embankment (Lion Piers) or 21 Fontanka Embankment (Faberge Piers).

Preliminary registration is available at the Visit Petersburg stand in the region's presentation area.


Some 80,000 people expected to attend 2018 Scarlet Sails festival
Some 80,000 people expected to attend 2018 Scarlet Sails festival
Briefing via video conference by the Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh in 10 City Press Centers
Праздник «Алые паруса» в 2018 году посетят около 80 тысяч зрителей
Press conference on the Scarlet Sails Festival of St. Petersburg schools graduates
Press conference on the FIFA Fan Fest in St. Petersburg