21 June

Local time (MSK)


Guided tour for media representatives to the Ostrov-Grad Sviyazhsk Museum Reserve. The participants will see the unique nature-landscape tourist attraction located 30 kilometers from Kazan at the confluence of the Volga, Sviyaga and Shchuka rivers.
Contact: Marina Teterina, telephone: +7 (917) 926-26-76.


A videoconference with Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny DITRIKH on transit services in the 2018 FIFA host cities, which will connect him with the host cities' City Press Centers.

The briefing will be held in Moscow's City Press Center at the Column Hall of the House of Unions at 1 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

For the sake of convenience and because of limited time allocated for the videoconference, please send your questions to media@footballcitymediacenter.ru, adding "Questions for Yevgeny Ditrikh" in the subject line.


Interactive site of the Committee for Souvenirs and Folk Crafts at Tatarstan's Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Masters of Tatarstan selling exhibition of souvenirs with national symbols.


A trip to Kazan IT-park for media representatives. The participants will tour one of the first technology parks in the Russian Federation that implement IT projects and support IT startups.
Contact: Marina Teterina, +7 (917) 926-26-76.



Tatarstan arts and crafts professionals at the Kazan City Press Center
Tatarstan arts and crafts professionals at the Kazan City Press Center
Briefing via video conference by the Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh in 10 City Press Centers
The Masters of Tatarstan interactive site