25 June

Local time (MSK)


A costume play, "The Legend of the Kazan Queen Soyembika," and a masterclass entitled "The Art of Arabic Calligraphy," to be held on the interactive stage of the Kazan Kremlin state history, architecture and art museum-preserve in the region's presentation area.


News conference by Gulchachak NAZIPOVA, Director General of the Tatarstan National Museum, on the museum World Cup program


Joint news conference by Russian Sports Minister Pavel KOLOBKOV, Uruguayan Sports Minister Fernando CACERES and President of the Uruguayan Olympic Committee Julio MAGLIONE in the format of a video conference that will connect all City Press Centers in World Cup host cities.

The news conference will be held at Samara's City Press Center (City Library, 14A Lenina Prospekt). For the convenience of the media, and due to time constraints, we ask that you submit your questions in advance at media@footballcitymediacenter.ru stating "Questions for Pavel Kolobkov, Fernando Caceres and Julio Maglione" as the subject.


Press conference by Tatarstan's Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Alexander SHADRIKOV on environmental preparations for the World Cup.


A guided tour for media representatives of the Kazan Kremlin and a visit to the Natural History Museum. Participants will see a unique mineral collection, pieces of meteorites that fell in different areas, and a huge number of fossil invertebrates inhabiting ancient seas.

Contact: Marina Teterina. Tel.:+7(917) 926 2676.


Football and nomadic competitions: National Museum of Tatarstan presents program for 2018 World Cup guests
Football and nomadic competitions: National Museum of Tatarstan presents program for 2018 World Cup guests
Kazan monitors the environment every day
Kazan monitors the environment every day
Tatarstan National Museum World Cup program
Environmental preparations for the World Cup
Live streaming of joint news conference by Russian Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov, Uruguayan Sports Secretary Fernando Caceres and President of the Uruguayan National Olympic Committee Julio Maglione in ten City Press Centers