05 July

Local time (MSK)


News conference with Minister of IT and Communications of the Rostov Region German LOPATKIN on providing uninterrupted cell-phone communications and Internet access in Rostov Region during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


News conference by Head of Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov by video link connecting City Press Centers in all 2018 FIFA World Cup host cities.

The briefing will take place at the Moscow City Press Center (Column Hall, House of Unions, 1 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street).

For the convenience of the media, and due to time constraints, we ask that you submit your questions in advance at media@footballcitymediacenter.ru stating "Questions for Oleg Safonov" as the subject.


An exhibit of Semikarakorsk ceramics will feature a workshop on painting ceramic crafts in the region's presentation area.

Throughout the day

Augmented reality stand Vision 2.0, a robotic artist and an interactive studio in the region’s presentation zone.

Greetings from the Don event at the region's presentation area.


Rostov Arena gains 260,000 mobile-content subscribers
Rostov Arena gains 260,000 mobile-content subscribers
News conference with Minister of IT and Communications of Rostov Region German Lopatkin
News conference by Head of Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov by video link in 10 City Press Centers