13 June

12:00 Opening of the City Press Сenter

13:30 Briefing by Kaliningrad Region Minister of Culture and Tourism Andrei YERMAK

14 June

12:00 Briefing with Head of the Agency for Communications and Mass Media of the Kaliningrad Region Sergei Yevstigneyev

16:00 Amber workshop

15 June

12:00 Briefing by General Director of FC Baltika Teimuraz Lepsaya

14:00 Briefing by Kaliningrad Region Infrastructure Minister Yelena Dyatlova

17 June

13:00 Briefing by Deputy Head of Administration of the Urban District of Kaliningrad Sergei Voropaev

18 June

12:00 Cultural program for the 2018 FIFA World Cup
14:00 String quartet performance

19 June

15:00 Briefing by Head of the Kaliningrad Region Agency for Youth Affairs Tatyana Vasilyeva

20 June

11:00 Briefing via video conference by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

13:00 2018 World Cup: International and Interregional Projects of the Kaliningrad Region

14:00 Pop music for the saxophone and keyboards: students of Rachmaninov Music College

21 June

09:30 Briefing by the Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh

11:00 Briefing by 2018 World Cup Ambassador from Kaliningrad, a host city of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Natalya ISHCHENKO

22 June

11:00 Briefing on the Day of Memory and Sorrow events

13:00 News conference of 2018 Planning and Monitoring Center Director-General Sergei Ambarnov

15:00 Briefing by Deputy Chairman of the Kaliningrad Region Government Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov

24 June

13:00 Briefing by Zalina Ibragimova, head of the Kaliningrad Agency for Preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM

25 June

12:00 Joint news conference by Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov, Uruguayan Sports Minister Fernando Caceres and President of the Uruguayan Olympic Committee Julio Maglione

14:00 Briefing by head of the Kaliningrad Region's Service for the State Protection of Heritage Sites Yevgeny Maslov

26 June

15:00 Performance by the Kaliningrad Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments

27 June

11:00 Briefing by Kaliningrad Region Minister of Culture and Tourism Andrei Yermak

12:00 Performance by Kaliningrad Region Russian Folk Orchestra artistic director and conductor Andrei Stepanenko

28 June

11:00 Briefing by Kaliningrad Region Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Rolbinov

12:00 Amber workshop

13:00 Briefing of Head of Kaliningrad Alexei Silanov

02 July

12:00 2018 World Cup: results from the Kaliningrad Region

03 July

11:00 Kalingrad's tourism projects for 2018 FIFA World Cup

15:00 Workshop on painting animals

18:00 Literary Kaliningrad

04 July

11:00 Cultural and other public events in Kaliningrad Region

13:00 News conference by Chair of the State Duma Committee for Physical Education, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev

05 July

11:00 News conference by Head of Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov

12:00 The workshop on making amber jewelry

14:00 2018 World Cup as the driver of youth sports

11 July

14:30 Work of communications and monitoring systems during the 2018 FIFA World Cup

12 July

10:00 Summer in Kaliningrad: from the 2018 FIFA World Cup to City Day celebrations

11:00 Briefing by Khrabrovo Airport Director General Alexander Korytny

14:00 Briefing by Kaliningrad Deputy Mayor Artur Krupin

16:00 News conference by RT and Rossiya Segodnya Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan

17:00 Presentation of the book by Vladimir Voronov, Kaliningrad 1946-1966: Photos From a Family Album

13 July

13:00 Press conference by World Tourism Organization delegation

14:00 2018 FIFA World Cup as a development driver for sport in the Kaliningrad Region

15:00 Tourist routes for fans with disabilities: World Cup experience

14 July

09:30 Joint news conference by Chair of Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee Arkady Dvorkovich and Director General of Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee Alexei Sorokin

11:00 Briefing by Trubetskoy Band

16 July

10:00 The Year of Kindness. 2018 World Cup Volunteer Program