Over 1,200 limited mobility football fans attend World Cup matches in Ekaterinburg

Over 1,200 limited mobility football fans attend World Cup matches in Ekaterinburg

More than 1,200 football fans with limited mobility from different countries have visited 2018 FIFA World Cup matches in Ekaterinburg, according to Sverdlovsk Region Minister of Social Policy Andrei Zlokazov at the City Press Center.

"Preliminary reports say that around 1,200 football fans with disabilities have visited World Cup matches in Ekaterinburg. I have seen people in wheelchairs from Mexico, Peru and Japan," Zlokazov said.

He added that in the past three years, 139 different social and cultural facilities in the Sverdlovsk Region were upgraded under the Accessible Environment program.

"We have fulfilled all FIFA requirements. We have ensured accessibility to 139 social and cultural facilities specified by competent organisations, under the Accessible Environment program," he noted.

Andrei Zlokazov also stressed that for the World Cup, 169 low-floor buses were purchased and Ekaterinburg Arena was equipped with special access, elevators and other infrastructure for people with limited mobility.
Football fan and wheelchair user Ksenia Kaminskaya said she had no difficulties moving around during the World Cup and entering the stadium.

"It was easy to attend the game, from buying tickets to visiting the stadium. We bought a special access ticket and had no problems getting around with a special parking permit. We moved around the stadium in a golf cart. Many disabled people were able to attend the matches. Normally we would never see so many people with disabilities in one place at the same time," she said.


Social infrastructure and barrier-free environment development for the 2018 FIFA World Cup