City Press Center hosts ribbon embroidery workshop

City Press Center hosts ribbon embroidery workshop

Arts and crafts specialist Olesya Abramova held a ribbon embroidery workshop in the presentation zone of the Volgograd City Press Center with participants making chamomile-shaped embroideries on linen fabric.

Abramova said that ribbon embroidery was known since 14th century and was popular in Russia, since girls decorated their dowry linen with ribbons.

"Everything changes, and so does the craft of embroidery with new techniques and new materials, including satin, silk and artificial silk," Abramova said.

During the workshop she showed one simple technique, asking participants to embroider a chamomile on linen fabric. Flower petals are made of smaller ribbons by pulling then through the fabric and attaching them, which creates a 3D image of a flower.

"Any creative undertaking or craft require diligence, patience and of course fantasy," she pointed out.

The resulting craft can be framed. Since creative knows no limits, this technique can be used to make paintings, napkins, and even to decorate clothes.

"What makes ribbon embroidery really interesting is that it can use any material," Abramova said.

She also presented her own ribbon embroidery painting, made by using a pre-printed template.

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