FIFA Fan Fest in Nizhny Novgorod to wed crowds

FIFA Fan Fest in Nizhny Novgorod to wed crowds

The Fan Fest venue is highly popular both with Russian and foreign fans, Yekaterina Toloknova, head of the Directorate for Sports and Entertainment Events, said at the 2018 FIFA World Cup City Press Center.

"We have had over 400,000 visits on our venue," Toloknova said. "These are very good numbers given the maximum capacity of 15,000 people. We expected no more than 200,000 people for the entire Championship."

According to Toloknova, all services are dealing with the fan frenzy making sure nothing mars the sporting holiday.

"Our medical team is wonderful and reacts promptly to all calls," she said. "On peak days, we have seven ambulances and two stationary medical posts on duty. Most of the patients who sought our services had heat stroke, and some of them had alcoholic intoxication. There was nothing critical that would require hospitalization."

Also, the festival grounds were made safe for younger fans.

"We have a child registration system," Toloknova said. "The children are registered with the system and wear special bracelets with contact details and their parents' phone number. There have been minor incidents that were quickly resolved. Registration was made at the request of FIFA."

The Fan Fest hosts have come up with an unusual idea where they offer fun wedding ceremonies for all comers on July 7.

"We will post an announcement with all the details on our website," she said. "Anyone can come. Couples wearing the most unusual and colorful outfits will be accepted for the ceremony. We are expecting crowds," she concluded.

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