Volgograd hosts fabric-folding workshop

Volgograd hosts fabric-folding workshop

The presentation area at the Volgograd City Press Center hosted a workshop on the art of fabric-folding, similar to the Japanese Origami (paper-folding) technique, with numerous guests attending this exotic event.

Olga Vovchenko, experienced in the applied-decorative arts, asked the participants to take small pieces of fabric and fold them several times. Origami involves pieces of paper.

"You can use this improved Origami method to make various paper and fabric items," she said and added that the fabric-folding method had also originated in Japan.

It is rather hard to fold fabric because, unlike paper, it tends to retain its original shape. A paper hexagon is inserted inside the fabric and the next steps are performed around it.

The participants used pins, staples or clamps to fix every new bend, but some of them had some trouble. Those who had never heard of Origami had to ask Vovchenko for help.

"Don't worry, I'll help everyone," she said, encouraging them and patiently showing them the next step.

Vovchenko kept an eye on the participants, including those who did not ask her for help.

"You are doing just fine," she told a woman.

"Well, I managed somehow," she replied bashfully.

Like classic Origami, it is possible to make polygonal/multi-angle fabric items, but the hexagon is the classic example, Vovchenko noted.

"How many angles have you got?" she asked, suggesting that everyone compare the number of angles, so that all participants would come up with hexagons.

"I got four!" "And I have five!" the participants replied.

"This is fantastic," Vovchenko said, tactfully overlooking the minor setbacks of her students.

"Let's see what's missing and let's turn your pentagon into a hexagon," she told a participant who made a five-angled item.

"Shall we look for the missing angle or shall we start over?" she asked.

"Let's look for it, but we can also start over," the young man said, noting that either option was fine.

All the items can be put together to form a bag, like the one that Vovchenko showed the participants. These objects can also be used as brooches or Christmas tree decorations. In fact, the participants made such decorations from the very beginning.

After all the bending and mending, the item is stitched together, a string is added, and, presto, a new Christmas tree decoration is ready.

Workshop on fabric origami