“Can you make it?” or how journalists learned carpet embroidery

“Can you make it?” or how journalists learned carpet embroidery

Today, craftswoman Tatyana Antyufeyeva told journalists and guests about carpet embroidery in the presentation area of Volgograd's City Press Center.

This technique is called carpet embroidery because the pieces look like a carpet; the back side is scanty and dull but the face side is fluffy and a bit bulky. Or you can see just an attempt to create a masterpiece — everything depends on skill level.

Tatyana challenged journalists that were initially reluctant to take part in the workshop.

"I won't be able to make it!"
"Let's see?"

The challenge was accepted. Participants in the workshop took some unusual needles for carpet embroidery. Running a thread through an eyelet is a fairly difficult task.

Tatyana helped the weakest students in the workshop, whose hands are good for typing fast, to fix the fabric into a stretching frame and run a thread through an eyelet and draw a sketch for the future piece.

Gradually the drawing of a frail heart on the fabric began to be outlined with threads. The embroidery technique is quite interesting. A long needle similar to a writing pen pierces the fabric and returns. Then the needle makes a careful, hardly visible movement to the side and the stich is ready.

Bending over their frames, participants in the workshop were working on their heart-shaped patterns while Tatyana watched their successes.

"Well, you don't need me anymore — things are rolling!"
"It doesn't look like it," one of the participants objected.
"The technique is clear, now you only have to get your hand in it," Tatyana encouraged her students.

Embroidery technique is fairly whimsical. Beginners really need to get the feel of it — understand at what angle to put a needle into the fabric, what length of thread to use and be careful to avoid pricking their fingers.

The participants produced different results. Some learned faster and turned their drawings into a soft fluffy heart. Other "carpets" left much to be desired — some stiches fell out.

"Not to worry, we can fix everything during the second round or just unravel it," Tatyana said, looking at one of the pieces.

The technique in which a mistake can be corrected either immediately or later suits both perfectionists and those who are more casual. This carpet embroidery is highly meditative. It calms you down and helps put your thoughts in order. So, the visible quality of the results is moved to the background.

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