Volgograd to continue city improvements after 2018 FIFA World Cup

Volgograd to continue city improvements after 2018 FIFA World Cup

Between April and May 2018, Volgograd was mobilized in planting greenery and improving green spaces, Head of Volgograd's Municipal Services Department Vitaly Zemtsov said during a news conference at the City Press Center. At the same time, he stressed that the 2018 FIFA World Cup was not the main reason that pushed the city to promote urban improvement and landscaping.

"The World Cup comes and goes, but we stay. We build for city residents, and I hope that people visiting Volgograd will see the progress and come back more and more," Zemtsov pointed out.

Over the past three years, 15 parks benefited from improvements, and another five are scheduled to undergo improvements in 2018.

"In April and May of every year we plant many trees. For example, this year we planted more than 2,000 trees and about 5,000 shrubs. Everything is done according to the plan, and in the fall this work will continue," Zemtsov said.

Hot weather prompted city authorities to start watering roads and green spaces.

Speaking at the same news conference, Director of Volgogradzelenkhoz landscaping company Maxim Logunov highlighted a number of other initiatives related to urban improvements.

According to Logunov, once the Fan Fest ends, the fence surrounding its territory will not be removed. Instead, it will become even higher with the launch of renovations at the Victory Park, which now hosts the Fan Fest.

"We build and restore, and this is all good. That being said, our main task is to preserve everything for local residents," Logunov pointed out.

Urban improvement and landscaping for 2018 World Cup