Volgograd City Press Center hosts Jacobean embroidery workshop

Volgograd City Press Center hosts Jacobean embroidery workshop

Sewing expert Olesya Abramova conducted a workshop on Jacobean embroidery in the Volgograd City Press Center's presentation area. She discussed the history of this style of embroidery, showed numerous techniques on how to do it and helped her students embroider butterflies.

Workshop participants used tambours, needles and threads to sew their unique masterpieces. They were really impressed with this awesome technique because it needs a mind-boggling number of stitches.

"There is nothing difficult here, all you have to do is master this process," Abramova said reassuringly.

"I had no trouble mastering this technique, and I see embroidery as the ultimate form of relaxation, rather than a kind of painstaking work," she noted.

"To my mind, embroiderers are also like artists," she explained.

By the way, Jacobean embroidery has nothing to do with Jacobin revolutionaries. Abramova's unsophisticated students might surmise that when those revolutionaries got sick and tired of political squabbles, they took up their needles and threads after dusk and created peaceful applied-decorative masterpieces.

In fact, Jacobean embroidery originated in England in the early 17th century. Today, cutting-edge technology and globalization have spread it all over the world.

Abramova described the technique as needle-weaving. Indeed, a layman might decide that the features were woven, rather than embroidered, into place.

Most often than not, Jacobean embroidery is used to decorate bedlinen, and it can also be used to embroider clothing, with pretty colorful details.

The participants were asked to embroider a butterfly using a special method. Many of them had trouble coping because they did not know exactly what to do. Besides, they found it hard to sew the right sort of stitches.

Abramova helped and encouraged those who tried to improvise.

"You are not using the right technique," she said cautiously to a journalist.

"It's easier this way…"

"That's alright, you are doing fine, the stitches are smooth, and you are very inventive."

According to Abramova, Jacobean embroidery is among the most beautiful and brightest kinds of sewing. One finds it hard to disagree, but learning to do such a type of embroidery on your own is difficult. However, all the participants agreed that enthusiasm is a key to success.  

Workshop on Jacobean embroidery