Tatarstan National Library director tells about World Cup cultural events

Tatarstan National Library director tells about World Cup cultural events

The event Library in the Park was held in Kazan on June 18 as part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup cultural program. Director of the Tatarstan National Library Syuyumbika Ziganshina spoke about its results and organizational specifics to journalists of the Kazan City Press Center.

The main part of the event was held in Lobachevsky Public Garden where everyone could read their favorite works aloud on the stage in the Open Microphone format. In addition, the garden hosted a small Sabantuy celebration, and a workshop with the Drawing Football art improvisation held for young visitors in the children's area. Thematic book exhibitions, a styled photo zone and a bookcrossing area where visitors were able to swap books they have read were open during the entire event, which concluded with a flashmob of librarians forming the word FIFA.

Ziganshina said that there were about 800 visitors, including tourists from Australia, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Morocco and the US.

She also told journalists about the library's work during the championship. According to Ziganshina, the library regularly organizes tours, and all its employees speak Russian and Tatar as well as English, French or German.

In addition, librarians monitor articles on the World Cup in the media and on the internet and collect a thematic archive. The director said that she also collects invitations, tickets and other printed evidence for the library's collection.

Ziganshina noted that there were zealous fans among her employees who update their colleagues on the matches and even ask to go home earlier on match days.

"I also found some time on the weekend to try to see the city as if I were a tourist, because sometimes we cannot notice changes amid the thousand small worries of our life. In fact, the city changes unbelievably each day," Ziganshina said about the World Cup.

World Cup events program of Tatarstan National Library