Vadim Eilenkrig: We should play positive tunes ahead of the match

Vadim Eilenkrig: We should play positive tunes ahead of the match

Musician Vadim Eilenkrig, a participant in the FIFA Fan Fest musical program in Kazan, spoke about his upcoming performance and how he took to football. The jazzman held his news conference at the City Press Center.

"It is a great honor to play at such an event. It is clear that we should play something positive ahead of the match. We are ready to share our energy. We are ready to prepare the audience for the match. We will try as hard as possible," Eilenkrig told journalists.

The musician noted that the program would have few lyrical pieces except the tune from the At Home Among Strangers movie.

Eilenkrig said that he never was a football fan and discovered the sport only during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He was impressed by Russia's team performance in the match against Spain.

"This is my favorite story: when someone with a burning heart… realizes that they need this, that they can win over a rival that maybe surpasses them in technique. I think it was an excellent victory. In addition, football has gained one more loyal fan: me," the musician confessed.

He also shared his impressions about the events in the host cities.

"I am very happy to see what is going on in Russia, in the streets, planes, trains and everywhere else. I think we have started to smile more since the championship began. Such events erase the boundaries between us in a good sense," Eilenkrig said.

The musician will play with an orchestra at the FIFA Fan Fest in Kazan on July 7, the day of Russia's quarter-final match, but he is not going to miss the broadcast. He says the band has already booked a table in a restaurant, right in front of a screen.

When asked if there will be any surprises for the audience, Eilenkrig said that he would think about a way to surprise visitors, and thanked the journalist for the idea.

News conference by Kazan FIFA Fan Fest performer, Russian musician and TV host Vadim Eilenkrig