Preserving memories: City Press Center holds scrapbook workshop

Preserving memories: City Press Center holds scrapbook workshop

A workshop on scrapbooking, a type of applied art for preserving personal and family history, took place at the City Press Center in Volgograd. This technique is used to make albums with photos, pieces of printed media, cards, and many other things. Yelena Podzharnaya held the masterclass for journalists, guests and volunteers at the Press Center's presentation area.

She said that many are often skeptical about scrapbooking and say, "I can do this as well." However, she says, this type of craft is not as easy as it seems. One needs experience to master new techniques, and beginners taking part in the workshop received rather simple tasks.

The participants were offered a choice between two types of work: collecting and decorating a small paper box to be used for storing some memorabilia, or decorating a commemorative postcard.

"You may use it to cheer up a football fan," the master told volunteers, who continued to provide assistance during the workshop as well, which is a matter of habit: when several pieces of paper fell off the table in all directions, the volunteers were the ones who came to the master's help and promptly gathered all the pieces for future works.

As a result, almost everyone was absorbed in making cards, with only one girl choosing to make a box. Participants used the piece parts that had been prepared for them beforehand; they only had to pick a design and put together what they wanted.

Of course, the participants chose to decorate the cards with football-themed pieces — funny drawings of footballers running fast on a field. It is said that engaging in decorative and applied arts has a soothing effect; this is probably how the participants coped with a stress following the Russian national team's defeat. We can only guess why the girl chose to make a box: either she had nerves of steel, or she had some other teams to support.

Eventually, the participants mastered subtle techniques during the workshop. For beginners, it is easier to use a glue stick, while more experienced ones can already use superglue. And it is important to use a fabric cloth to remove the remnants of glue from the pieces and hands.

The art to preserve memories came in handy during the 2018 World Cup, with its numerous memorable moments for everyone. The volunteer girls turned back to their responsibilities with the souvenirs they made themselves — also a memory, although not a football one.

Workshop on scrapbooking