Journalists learn how to make birds of happiness at City Press Center

Journalists learn how to make birds of happiness at City Press Center

Expert Anna Spitsyna gave a workshop on creating Вird of Happiness lucky charms in the region's presentation area at the Volgograd City Press Center.

Anna started the workshop by explaining the history of the lucky charm. People would usually make birds of happiness in spring.

By hanging them in their home they invited in the spring.

However, one can always try to call their happiness. All it takes is some threads together with a little skill. Thick and rough threads were used for the body and the wings while thinner and colorful threads were used for decorations.

Once the body is woven, it needs to be fixed by three knots of the thread, an important number for Slavs. All the threads must be natural material, not only for a special tactile sensation but also for the sake of tradition.

In all other respects, the birds are not very demanding. The creator can use any colors and material to decorate them.

Workshop participants carefully tied colorful threads around their birds' wings trying really hard to make their happiness look pretty. It was not the easiest job and sometimes required the instructor's help. But the activity itself was very captivating. As you count the ‘feathers' and thread them up, you almost lose track of time.

Anna said that this charm could be a good gift to give to friends and family. It is not the kind of thing that must be hidden from others. It will fit any occasion and can even be used as a New Year tree decoration.

"It doesn't matter when you want to share happiness," the teacher said and the students agreed with her.

As the workshop came to a close, the feathered birds were ready to fly away to their new homes and bring happiness to their owners.

Workshop on making Happiness Bird folk toy