Journalists and guests at Volgograd City Press Center learn to make clay roses

Journalists and guests at Volgograd City Press Center learn to make clay roses

The presentation area of the Volgograd City Press Center hosted a masterclass on making flowers out of polymer clay. Journalists, volunteers and guests at the press center learnt to make realistic rose bouquets under the supervision of master Yekaterina Borzunova.

The master suggested that the participants add acrylic paints to white clay and choose the petal colors and saturation.

Yekaterina explained that your finger tips should be covered with cream so that the clay does not to stick to your fingers.

First, participants made small petals, shaped them into rose buds, and then ran a thin green wire through the base of the bud to create the stem. The next step was the flower's leaf. For that, they mixed white clay with green paint and drew the pattern with a pin due to the miniature size of the leaves.

The roses turned out to be different from one another depending on the creator's vision and, as the attendees said, mistakes.

"In nature, nothing is even. The more irregularities you add, the more vivid your work is," the master noted.

The clay used to mold flowers is a capricious material. Yekaterina added that once you get the hang of it, you can work much quicker.

After completing the roses, attendees did not immediately set about forming a bouquet. This kind of clay stiffens on its own, which takes time. Meanwhile, the masterclass participants started working on the composition's decoration — threading small beads on a thin line, which is also part of the bouquet.

The master pointed out that the material remains malleable even after it hardens, so you should be careful when handling it.

Finally, the time for flower arranging came. The participants, just like real florists, put flowers together, looking closely at the compositions, selecting the most suitable combinations and fastening the stems. According to Borzunova, you can also use the clay creations as accessories for dolls, headbands and brooches.

Workshop on making polymer clay flowers