Journalists at Volgograd City Press Center learn to weave fine rolls of paper

Journalists at Volgograd City Press Center learn to weave fine rolls of paper

Another workshop on weaving fine rolls of paper took place at the presentation area of the Volgograd City Press Center given by handicraft expert Tatiana Antyufeyeva.

Tatiana's first workshop was held at the press center on the opening day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup: journalists learned how to weave baskets and plates. Today, when they saw an expert they knew and the "equipment" they would need, they said: "We have already done this!" It turned out that the workshop was not the same but pretty similar: there were as many weaving techniques as Tatiana's fine rolls of paper. This time, the participants had to weave round glass bottles.

Tatiana suggested beginners make a roll using a narrow piece of paper and a knitting needle. One of the participants needed at least 20 minutes to do this: the paper did not curl and the tube was too thick. The master noted that this task required skill like everything else.

"It takes me 20 minutes to make 100 of these," she said.

The hall fell silent.

Fortunately, the expert is a kind person and brought readymade rolls of paper in various colors.

Tatiana showed what should be done, but, as it often happens, it was difficult to figure this out at first. Little by little, the participants, headed by the expert, started to weave round their bottles: some were faster than others, maybe because of their experience or deft hands.

"The technique is correct, now you only need to polish it," Tatiana cheered.

All the participants agreed that the workshop was quite entertaining: hands used to weave and thought to find where the paper rolls should go so there would be no mistakes.

The photographer who took pictures of the workshop was most impressed. The man with the camera, who had no chance in trying his hand at weaving, explained that simple materials were the trick. In fact, usual people are always surprised to find out that all the items the master shows are made from paper. It turns out that rolls of paper are not only good  to weave plates, boxes and bottle covers but even for tables and chairs.

"And what about a house?" someone asked.
"House too. The question is, how warm will it be?" the expert remarked.

Of course, the participants' skills were not good enough for this, but they managed to weave round their bottles and even to cover the bottoms with varying degrees of success. The only thing left to do was to coat and lacquer the items to make them more durable.

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