Volgograd City Press Center guests learn to paint with watercolors

Volgograd City Press Center guests learn to paint with watercolors

Artist Alyona Vasiltsova conducted a watercolor workshop for journalists, volunteers and guests in the presentation area of the Volgograd City Press Center.

The participants were given sheets of watercolor paper with imprinted rose sketches and were asked to paint them using watercolors. This seemingly easy task posed numerous challenges and proved quite daunting.

First, the artist suggested that everyone coat their roses with paraffin wax using ordinary candles and mark spots where dew drops will appear. She explained that paraffin-coated spots would remain blank, helping achieve the desired effect.

Next, she suggested that the participants add water to their paints.

"Water is the most important element of watercolors, and we cannot paint without it," she explained.

The roses gradually acquired their distinctive color, but it turned out that, apart from skillfully using their brushes, the beginner artists needed to see where the hues should vary and where they should be more intensive or almost unnoticeable.

Vasiltsova advised the participants, who meticulously painted their roses, trying to understand all the intricacies of color-light interplay. She also asked a tricky question: What are the primary colors? No one gave the right answer. It turned out that blue, yellow and red are the primary colors because it is possible to make other colors by mixing them.

She shared some other techniques, telling the participants that it was better to move the brush in the direction of movement, rather than the other way.

Vasiltsova showed various brushes and explained their purpose. She also demonstrated several painting techniques after the participants started working on the background. The most unusual method involved spreading salt all over the painted surface.

"Salt accumulates colors and creates an interesting effect," the artist said.

A photographer taking pictures of the participants commented on their work.

"Why should one sit and paint? Just click the shutter and that's it," he joked.

The eternal dispute between artists and photographers never really began. The photographer praised the works he liked, and Vasiltsova congratulated him on his professional holiday, which is celebrated today. The participants steered clear of philosophical conversations and did their best to master the art of watercolors.

Workshop on watercolor painting