Journalists in Volgograd learn how to make nylon dolls

Journalists in Volgograd learn how to make nylon dolls

Handicraft expert Tatyana Antyufeyeva held a workshop on making nylon dolls for journalists in the presentation area at the City Press Center.

Simple nylon stockings were the main material for a doll. First, the participants made the doll's nose and hands using a thread and small pieces of polyester.

"My hands are too small, right?" a student worried.
"No, yours are just right," Tatyana answered.

The students put the hands aside and took up the main part of the work: the doll's body was made from an entire stocking leaving several centimeters around the edge so the doll could have a haircut with bangs.

Polyester is not an easy material, but the teacher explained how to use it. She suggested the students take needles and adjust the material inside the doll with it.

"It looks like a voodoo doll!" the photographer who shot the workshop commented.

Then, the participants had to sew the bottom to make a whole but shapeless base. Antyufeyeva showed them how to hide the end of the thread for the doll to look almost perfect.

"The main work is done," she said.

Using the thread, the participants tied the doll's body in such a way that head and legs appeared and they glued the first elements on: hands and noses.

"Excellent, really amazing, great!" the expert exclaimed seeing her students' success.

She gave a finished doll to a journalist who watched the workshop.

"You can claim you did it."

"Nobody would believe me."

"Nonsense!" it looked like the expert believed in her students more than they did.

At the same time, the dolls' faces acquired specific traits. It was time to make clothes for them.

"Colored stockings are needed for this," Antyufeyeva said. So we finally learn the point of colorful nylon socks: it turns out they're used to make doll clothes.

The participants managed to make fun dolls from an unusual material, so it was impossible to guess what they were made of at first sight. This doll can decorate the house or serve as an amusing handmade gift.

Workshop on making nylon dolls