Russian entertainment with a Brazilian accent

Russian entertainment with a Brazilian accent

It was a typical Friday in the Column Hall of the House of Unions, but when members of the Zakrutikha folk-group entered the building it became clear that life would never be the same again. "Today there will be Russian merry-making," Anastasia, a group member, promised, and then she burst into a song.

The performance attracted a Bangladeshi correspondent who approached at relaxed pace. He only wanted a selfie with the Zakrutikha ladies, but was trapped into fast dancing by another group member, Inna.

Guests began to play an old Russian game called "the he-duck chases the she-duck" when they spotted the Brazilian correspondent Ricardo Spinosa walking along the corridor and talking with a beautiful lady on videoconference.

"Now you are the he-duck," Anastasia announced. Ricardo said: okay. "Go, chase after Sasha," Anastasia continued. Okay, Ricardo agreed. It eventually became clear that "okay" was the only English word he knew, but at first it looked like he would simply stop at nothing, even though during the World Cup, all other English words are of no use in Moscow.

He reversed his baseball cap so he could see clearly and better control his thin gray curls and then started to run. The Brazilian's silver age didn't stop him from racing around at a pace that another Brazilian, Neymar Jr., would envy.

The event continued with the "Shuttle" game, where participants are divided into two rows with two of them left in the middle. These two were supposed to be shuttles running between the two "frame" rows. If the "frames" were quick enough to "slam close" catching the players, the runner takes his place in the "frame." According to FIFA statistics, Russian footballer Roman Zobnin ran 62 kilometers during the World Cup thus setting a championship record, but still, Ricardo could keep up. Unfortunately, there was no official FIFA representative to record the achievement.

It seems that the Column Hall has seen everything there is to see during the World Cup: horses weaved from bark, and a tanned man wearing a papakha (tall Caucasian fur hat) and dancing with a sable. Earlier today, former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba took pictures here and now Inna and Anastasia were getting ready for a tug-of-war game. Ricardo saw to both teams having an equal number of pullers and took his place. After a tough fight a friendship won.

The event concluded with the participants taking pictures. To make the photos more interesting to remember, Sergei the musician hung his accordion on Ricardo's neck, who kept kissing the hands of the Zakrutikha girls.

Like Robbie Williams song, "Party Like a Russian," Ricardo Spinosa from Brazil will never forget this Russian party.

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