"Let’s karaoke!" Trubetskoy band frontman on their performance at FIFA Fan Fest in Kaliningrad

Let’s karaoke! Trubetskoy band frontman on their performance at FIFA Fan Fest in Kaliningrad

Speaking at the City Press Center, Pavel Bulatnikov, soloist for the band Trubetskoy, congratulated Russians on holding the FIFA World Cup. He spoke to the press just before the band's performance at the FIFA Fan Fest in Kaliningrad.

"I would like to congratulate Russia. This is a great success for all football lovers. I think it is a great event! I would also like to congratulate the Russian team which unexpectedly performed so well at this World Cup," he said.

According to the band's leader, they watched the World Cup and rooted for the Russian team. Pavel himself believes that France has the strongest team at this year's FIFA World Cup. However, he confessed that he is not an expert. Bulatnikov and the band's manager Marat Gringauz said that the band will play their hits and new songs at the FIFA Fan Fest venue later today.

"Since there will be people of different ages, we will try to present a mix of songs. Of course, there will be famous songs that people would like to sing along. It will be a big karaoke. There will be something new, to fit all tastes!" Bulatnikov explained.

The band's frontman said he often comes to Kalinigrad to perform — once or twice a year. The musicians have many friends here and they hope to run into them tonight.

The journalists at the Press Center wondered if the band has plans to record a football-themed song and maybe even make a video clip on Kaliningrad soil.

"Thank you for the question, thank you for the idea. Marat, mull that over! We will come here to shoot something, that's for sure! And we will think about a song. If we suddenly receive a bit of inspiration, maybe," Bulatnikov responded.

Briefing by Trubetskoy Band