Hand-made embroidered needle-cases: artistic workshop held in the press center

Hand-made embroidered needle-cases: artistic workshop held in the press center

The presentation area of Volgograd's press center hosted a workshop on creating embroidered needle-cases. Master Tatyana Antyufeyeva held the lesson.

Ordinary needles, fabric and plastic caps from bottles were used as materials for unordinary needle-cases.

This is not the first workshop of Tatyana's when participants used their skills obtained during previous lessons: this time around the experience of carpet embroidery, which the master already gave a lesson on in the press center, was useful for creating the needle-case.

The participants were offered to cut off small lines of fabric and embroider a circle in the carpet technique on them with needles of any color. Gradually, a dimensional piled pattern started appearing on the fabric — it will become the main element of the future needle-case.

For the basis of the item, Tatyana offered to take small bottle caps. The photographer shooting the workshop, was amazed how masters find materials for their masterpieces in simple and, seemingly, unsuitable things.

"If our brains are tuned in this wave, then the eye starts catching it," the master explained.

She said that it took her a while to find the basis for the needle-case, she asked for advice from friends, and then the idea came up itself, she caught the sight of bottle caps from a dairy drink.

Meanwhile the participants went on carefully "nailing" the pattern on the fabric.

"Carpet embroidery! It was fashionable in the Soviet period. My mother did this and then my father got hooked on the technique," a visitor of a presentation area commented on the work.

After finishing with the pattern, the participants had to put in polyester padding in the piece of fabric and sew it, and stick the resulting bag to the basis from the cap. The cap could be, optionally, decorated with a ribbon, beads and stars.

The participants coped with the entire work on their own — the master only gave instructions and advice. It was obvious she really likes communicating with students and sharing her skills.

"Tomorrow is the last day, I will miss it," Tatyana said.

Participants who took unusual, bright needle-cases that they made themselves after the workshop will unlikely remain indifferent to needlework.

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