“The most beautiful workshop”: City Press Center journalists learn how to make jewelry

“The most beautiful workshop”: City Press Center journalists learn how to make jewelry

The presentation area in the Volgograd City Press Center hosted a jewelry workshop held by expert Tatyana Antyufeyeva. The workshop was very popular with the press center's guests.

Young visitors were interested in the workshop even before it officially began. When journalists and guests came to the presentation area, two little girls were already finishing their bracelets: they were standing close to the expert watching how skillfully she was making a clasp for the bracelets. The girls did everything else (which was more important): they chose the beads and strung them together.

"I could not turn them away," the expert smiled.

One bracelet was ready. A girl wearing a pink dress with a kitten on it put the bracelet on and stretched her arm out to enjoy the light playing on the beads.

"She made it herself!" Antyufeyeva said, but the girl remained unfazed and did not react, still looking at her new jewelry.

Young guests were replaced by older ones, but they were just as enthusiastic.

"Look how it sparkles! Like the starry sky in a ball."
"The most beautiful workshop!"
"Masha, does it look good on me?"

Girls chose stones and strings while sharing their impressions and interrupting each other.

"I think it will be the most difficult workshop for you," one student said to the expert. The participants were perhaps the most eager of all.

Having made their choices, the girls sat down to work: the most difficult part was over. Now they had to string the beads together. It did not look all that hard, but sometimes it was tricky when the string wouldn't pass through a bead. Then the expert came to help: she trimmed the string and applied nail polish to the end, after which the work continued.

Making the clasp was the final stage. Students had to tie several knots in a special way in order to do this. The expert showed how it should be done, and the girls caught on quickly.

All the students managed to learn to make something new and took home accessories they made with their own hands according to their taste.

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