13 June

14:00 Opening of City Press Center

14 June

10:30 Hello World Cup volunteers flash mob

11:00 Work of volunteers in Saransk, a 2018 FIFA World Cup host city

15:00 Shumbrat Saransk! (Hello Saransk!) excursion

15 June

09:30 Performance by a folk song and dance ensemble

10:00 Mordovia ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM

16 June

11:00 Workshop on national embroidery

11:00 Workshop on pastel painting

12:00 News conference by Saransk Mayor Pyotr Tultayev

14:00 Mission: Ambassador. The benefits of the 2018 World Cup for Mordovia

17 June

11:00 Performance by the Torama folk song group

12:00 News conference by Speaker of the State Assembly of Mordovia Vladimir Chibirkin

18 June

10:00 Merema folk band performance

11:00 News conference by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Targeted Programs of the Republic of Mordovia Alexei Merkushkin

19 June

10:00 Workshop on carving wooden toys from Tavla

10:00 Aru Likhtibrya Mordovian folk show

10:00 Future Champions workshop by young football players

11:00 News conference by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Mordovia Galina Lotvanova

20 June

10:00 Performance by the Digalya folk polyphonic singing group

10:00 Workshop on carving wooden toys from Tavla

12:00 Briefing via video conference by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

21 June

10:30 Briefing by the Transport Minister of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh

12:00 Traditional Tatar fest Sabantuy with Umyrzaya sing and dance company

14:00 How to prepare and hold a FIFA Fan Fest

22 June

10:00 Volunteers of Victory National Public Movement in Mordovia

11:00 Concert by the State Chamber Choir of Mordovia

12:00 News conference by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Republic of Mordovia Viktor Tsyganov

23 June

11:30 Performance by Staroterizmorgsky Folk Choir

12:00 Health services in Saransk during 2018 FIFA World Cup

18:30 A tour of the City Press Center and a media stakeout for Noize MС (Ivan Alekseyev)

24 June

10:00 Mini Museum of Sculptor Stepan Erzya display at Saransk City Press Center

12:00 Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts: Program for the World Cup

14:00 A tour of the Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts

25 June

11:00 "Moksha tunes and the Erzyadawn" bead weaving workshop

12:00 Performanceby jazz musician Viktor Pautov

13:00 Joint news conference by Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov, Uruguayan Sports Minister Fernando Caceres and President of the Uruguayan Olympic Committee Julio Maglione

26 June

10:30 Performance by the folk group Gaigi Vaigel

11:00 Mordovia depicted in films and photos

27 June

10:30 Show by the Moramo folk ensemble

11:00 Contribution of the Ogaryov National Research Mordovian University to the 2018 World Cup

15:00 News conference by Saransk World Cup Ambassador, People's Artist of Russia Igor Butman

28 June

10:00 Performance by Umarina Mordovian State Song and Dance Company

11:00 Concerts, exhibitions, festivals: what Mordovia has to offer to 2018 World Cup guests

17:00 Tour of the historical center of Saransk

29 June

10:00 Visit to the Voronin Mordovian Republican Museum of Local Lore

15:00 Presentation of Mordvian folk women's costumes

15:00 Mordovian headscarf styles workshop

16:00 Volunteer movement a major World Cup legacy

30 June

10:00 Workshop on weaving Mordovian straw shoes

11:00 News conference with Prime Minister of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Sushkov

01 July

10:00 Ceramics and pottery workshop

11:00 Trade and public catering in Mordovia during the 2018 World Cup

02 July

12:00 Saransk healthcare system's performance during 2018 World Cup

14:00 Mordvin wedding rite as part of the republic's cultural heritage

15:00 News conference by Minister of IT and Communications of the Republic of Mordovia Oleg SOKOLOV

03 July

10:30 Performance by Mordovian folk singing company Laimonya

11:00 News conference by director of the Yaushev State Musical Theater Vladimir SHARAPOV


04 July

10:30 Exhibition of cloth dolls/lucky charms from Temnikov

11:00 Influence of the 2018 FIFA World Cup on the conservation and development of Mordovia's natural wealth

14:00 News conference by Chair of the State Duma Committee for Physical Education, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev

05 July

11:30 Performance of Folk Instruments Ensemble from Kiryukov Saransk Music School

12:00 News conference by Head of Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov

06 July

11:00 2018 World Cup and its influence on the creative potential of Mordovian residents

15:00 World Cup 2018 sports infrastructure legacy

15:30 Hello, Saransk! tour. A walking tour in downtown Saransk

07 July

10:00 Russian Student Brigades in Mordovia and the 2018 World Cup legacy

10:00 Mini exhibition dedicated to 50th anniversary of student teams in Mordovia

08 July

10:30 Performance by Mordens folk-art group

11:00 News conference by General Director of Saransk International Airport Mikhail Berman

09 July

10:30 Mordovia's Arts and Crafts exhibition

10:30 Autograph ball: presentation of an art object

11:00 Mordovia's oldest museum, the Voronin Mordovian Museum of Local History and Lore: A look into the Future

10 July

10:30 Workshop on traditional Mordovian handicrafts

11:00 Development of Mordovia's infrastructure following the 2018 World Cup

11 July

11:00 Using the 2018 FIFA World Cup infrastructure in Saransk for the future training of Mordovian athletes and coaches

14:00 Using republic's football infrastructure after 2018 FIFA World Cup

12 July

11:00 News conference on Fan Fest results in Saransk

17:00 News conference by RT and Rossiya Segodnya Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan

13 July

10:30 Performance by folk dance ensemble "Russian Soul"

11:00 Media and public views on World Cup events in Mordovia

14:00 Press conference by World Tourism Organization delegation

14 July

10:00 Alice in Bookland immersion show

10:30 Joint news conference by Chair of Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee Arkady Dvorkovich and Director General of Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee Alexei Sorokin

15 July

09:30 Press conference by Vladimir Mazov, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Trade and Enterprise of the Republic of Mordovia

11:00 2018 World Cup influence on tourism development in Mordovia

14:00 Eva Simons' visit to Saransk City Press Center and news conference

16 July

11:00 The Year of Kindness. 2018 World Cup Volunteer Program